More domestic flights from September!

Air Namibia is pleased to announce that effective 4 September 2016,
we will be increasing flight frequencies and capacity on some of our domestic routes

Routes on which flight frequency and capacity increases will be offered are the following;   ·

Ondangwa: We will launch an additional flight frequency on the Eros – Ondangwa route on Mondays, from the current two flights per day to three flight per day. We will also launch an additional flight frequency on Saturdays, from the current single flight per day to two flights.   ·

Rundu/Katima Mulilo: Flights to Rundu and Katima Mulilo will be separated, meaning that flights to Rundu will no longer go via Katima Mulilo, and flights to Katima Mulilo will no longer go via Rundu.

We will introduce direct and non-stop flights between Eros and Rundu, three times per week to be operated on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays.   The new service of direct and non-stop flights between Eros and Katima Mulilo will remain on 4 flights per week, to be operated on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

In addition to the frequency and capacity increases, we are happy to also announce that we have revised our fares and ticket prices on domestic routes downwards, by an aggregate of 20%. This reduction in fares will ensure that all fares payable on domestic routes, including taxes, will be well below N$ 3,990.00 return.

“The decision taken to increase flight frequencies and capacity on domestic routes is in line with our strategic objective of making air travel affordable, and this is just the beginning of it all”, says Paul Nakawa, Corporate Communications Manager of Air Namibia.
“As opportunities for fixed cost reduction from increased aircraft utilization are realized, the more the benefit in cost reduction will be passed onto the end user, our esteemed flying public, Nakawa said.

We are grateful to Namibia Airports Company, for the decision to allow us to increase flights into Eros Airport, which has made it possible for us to increase frequencies on specified routes, which ultimately reduces our fixed costs per seat, and it is our wish that this level of cooperation and alignment will continue going forward, which will help us create a situation whereby every Namibia will afford to fly, removing pressure from our roads, added Xavier Masule General Manager for Commercial Services at Air Namibia

Air Namibia Airbus

AirNamibia voted second best Regional Airline in Africa!

Air Namibia voted best regional AirlineWindhoek, Tuesday 19 July 2016;

We feel honoured and truly delighted to have been selected in the number 2 spot in the category of Best Regional Airline in Africa. This reaffirms the trust conveyed by our valuable clients and other key stakeholder who are at the heart of everything we do at Air Namibia, and confirms our undeterred commitment to customer satisfaction,” “We will continue to listen to our customers and respond in such a way that we meet and exceed their needs, with our value proposition underpinned by the Namibian Hospitality as a baseline.

We are proud that our efforts are being recognized by the public as well as trade and travel professionals. This recognition is dedicated to the entire Air Namibia team and Board members for their support during this challenging time of our existence, and will go a long way in encouraging all of us to work even harder to make all our key stakeholders proud.

Issued by: Corporate Communications Office

Contact Person: Paul Homateni Nakawa
Manager: Corporate Communications

Tel: +264 61 299 6216 Fax: +264 61 299 6178


About Air Namibia (Pty) Limited:

Air Namibia, Namibia’s national airline, operates scheduled flights and carries cargo (freights) on domestic, regional and intercontinental flights. The airline was founded in 1947 as South West Air Transport, which later changed to South West Airways. In 1992, the airline’s name was changed to Air Namibia. The mandate of Air Namibia is to be a major contributor towards the attraction and promotion of tourism to Namibia by providing air transport services between Namibia and other countries, as well as by operating flights within the boundaries of Namibia. The airline is positioned as a niche carrier serving domestic points within Namibia, the immediate regional markets of South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Angola. Points beyond (Asia, USA, Middle East and Europe) are serviced in conjunction with partner airlines via our gateways: Frankfurt, Johannesburg and Lusaka.

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Schedule Changes for Flights to Katima Mulilo, Rundu and Ondangwa

Notice of Schedule Changes for Flights to Katima Mulilo, Rundu and Ondangwa

This serves to notify all our esteemed clients and key stakeholders that effective 31st May 2015,
Air Namibia flights between Rundu / Katima Mulilo and Windhoek will operate from Eros airport
(not from Hosea Kutako International Airport anymore)

  • Departure times of these flights from Eros to Rundu and Katima Mulilo will be at 10:15 a.m. local time.
  • Departure times from Rundu will be 11:50 on Mondays and Fridays and 14:00 on Wednesdays and Sundays.
  • Departure times from Katima Mulilo will be at 13:35 on Mondays and Fridays; and at 12:40 Wednesdays and Sundays.
  • The days of operation are to remain the same, i.e. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

As a consequence and to accommodate this change of airports, the Ondangwa midday flights SW103 and SW104 operating on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays are withdrawn from the schedule effective 31st of May 2015.

Affected passengers will be accommodated on alternative flights and Air Namibia requests all affected passengers to contact us for their new and revised itineraries. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by these schedule changes.

For any clarity, kindly contact your local Air Namibia office / Agent or our Call Center on + 264 61 299 6111 or via email on [email protected]

Air Namibia

Air Namibia expresses its sympathy.


Air Namibia family joins the Sata Family and the people of Zambia as we mourn the death of one of the greatest leaders His Excellency Michael Sata; former President of the Republic of Zambia. Who died on Tuesday night 28th October 2014 in London.


Status Air Namibia Flights 25th July

STATUS OF AIR NAMIBIA FLIGHTS SW 285 & SW 286 Friday, 25th July 2014:

Air Namibia hereby informs its esteemed clients and all relevant stakeholders that the airline received exemption from the Minister of Works & Transport in respect of the requirements for rescue and fire fighting services (RFFS) as applicable to the operation of its Airbus A330-200 fleet into and out of Windhoek’s Hosea Kutako International Airport, effective 24th July 2014.

The exemption was granted following Air Namibia’s application, and taking into account the supporting safety case presented.

During the period of the exemption until such time that Hosea Kutako International Airport is re-graded to Category 8 or higher, Air Namibia is required to meet a number of specified conditions, aimed at ensuring that safety is not compromised during each arrival or departure of the Airbus A330-200 aircraft.

We are pleased to advise all relevant and key stakeholders that our flights between Windhoek and Frankfurt commenced operations as normal effective the evening of 24th July 2014, and there shall not be any further diversions of our flights to Gaborone in Botswana.


Issued by: Paulus Homateni Nakawa Head: Corporate Communications –

Air Namibia Airbus 330-200



Wednesday 18 June 2014:

Air Namibia informs the travel trade, esteemed clients, passengers and other stakeholders that its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) has been extended.

“The AOC was extended late Monday afternoon, and our business operations continue as normal. I further wish to assure our stakeholders that we are doing everything possible to attend to pending matters with the Directorate of Civil Aviation, which we have agreed to during this extension period, and we commend the DCA for the cordial work relationship between our institutions”, commented Mr Rene Gsponer the Acting Managing Director of Air Namibia.

Air Namibia takes this opportunity to thank all its customers and passengers for their continuous support.


Update: Schedule Change SW286 on 01st June 2014

Air Namibia Schedule Change For Flight SW286 (Frankfurt To Windhoek) On 01st June 2014 

Sunday 01 June 2014: Air Namibia would like to inform its passengers, travel trade, and all other stakeholders that flight SW286 operating between Frankfurt and Windhoek on 01st June 2014, will be delayed for approximately 12 hours from its scheduled time.

The expected time of departure from Frankfurt will be at 09:30 Local time at Frankfurt on the 02nd June 2014, with estimated arrival time at Windhoek 18:30 local time.

This is as a result of damage to one of the AIRBUS A330-200 by the ground handlers at the Frankfurt airport where the aircraft was parked. The airline is in the process of establishing the extent of the damage and cost of repair. We expect to resume our normal schedule for Frankfurt flight from 20:30 on the 02nd June 2014.

Air Namibia wish to extend its apology to its passengers and all other stakeholders for the inconvenience casued due to this schedule disruption.


Contact Person: Paul Homateni Nakawa

Head: Corporate Communications

Tel: +264 61 2996216

Fax: +264 61 2996195

Cell: +264 811465493/+264 811464926

Email: [email protected]

Air Namibia Airbus

Cabin Crew strike suspended


Friday, 30th May 2014; Air Namibia wish to inform its passengers, trade partners and stakeholders that the Cabin crew strike has been suspended.

This is as a result of the agreement that was reached late Friday afternoon by the Namibian Cabin Crew Union (NCCU), and Air Namibia Management to continue addressing matters of concern by its employees internally through a consultative process. This brings an end to the industrial action which commenced during the early hours of Friday 30th May 2014 .

The suspension has given the Air Namibia Management and the Namibian Cabin Crew Union (NCCU) more time to negotiate in order to reach an amicable solution that will benefit both parties and help the company realise its long term strategic plans.

Air Namibia would like to inform it passengers that its flight schedule will return to normal effective Saturday 31 May 2014.

In conclusion, Air Namibia would once again like to express its sincere appreciation and special thank you to its flying public and shareholders for your loyal commitment and support.

Contact us for more info.




Contact Person: Paul Homateni Nakawa/Oneka Sitali

Head: Corporate Communications

Tel: +264 61 2996216

Fax: +264 61 2996195

Cell: +264 811465493/+264 811464926

Email: [email protected]

Departure Times Change

Change of Flight Departure Time from Windhoek to Accra.


Windhoek,04 February 2014:This notice serves to notify all our esteemed and key stakeholders that effective 7th February 2014, the departure time of our flight from Windhoek to Accra will change to 11:00 a.m. (local time at airport of departure) from the current departure time 16:50 (local). Departure time of the return flight from Accra to Windhoek will remain unchanged at 22:50(local).

The decision to change the flight departure time is part of our commitment to continuously innovate and offer services which best meets the needs of the market 

With changed departure time from Windhoek, we will arrive in Accra at about 14:30 (local), which will give our customers going to other destinations within West Africa enough time catch connecting flights to those destinations such as Lagos, and to long haul destinations such as to the Middle East and to Europe

Our changed time to an earlier departure means that our passengers from Johannesburg will now use our 06:40 flights from Johannesburg to Windhoek, to be able to catch the flight to Accra. The waiting time at Windhoek for Cape Town passengers will be reduced (improved) to 2 hours, from the current 8 hours they currently spend in transit at Hosea Kutako.

This change will also offer those passengers from Windhoek, Johannesburg or Cape Town to return same day from Accra if they are business which requires short time to be spent in Ghana.

For further additional information and enquiries in this regard, please contact your nearest Air Namibia office or contact Air Namibia on or or by telephone on +264612996111,Email:

Air Namibia Excellent On Time Records

Excellent On Time Performance by Air Namibia


Windhoek, 28 January 2014:

Air Namibia is pleased to announce that for the past six months we have recorded a very good On-Time Performance (OTP), reaching over 93% OTP in some months.

On-Time Performance is known in the aviation industry as the “holy grail” by which airlines are compared and measured.  In most customer surveys that have been performed worldwide, passengers rate airlines according to price and then OTP.  Passengers always want to know that the airline they choose to fly will get them to their destinations on time.

The newly-appointed Chief Operation Officer (COO) of Air Namibia, Rene Gsponer, had this to say:

“Air Namibia is serious about significant improvement on its operational performance and financial sustainability. As the graph below shows our On-Time Performance for the past 9 months has been above our target of 90% this is a commendable achievement for Air Namibia and we have seen an equally positive response from the market in terms of ticket sales and positive feedback.

This has been made possible by a number of factors: the recent recapitalisation of the airline by the GRN has provided the airline with state-of-the- art aircraft which has ranked the airline as one of a few airlines with the youngest operational fleet in the world  resulting in much more reliable aircraft with an improved technical dispatch reliability. Adding-on is the improved  financial stability of the airline allowing normal operations possible and hence our ability to generate improved revenues coupled with many other initiatives.

Air Namibia Excellent On Time RecordsWe wish to thank the Namibian public and in particular the flying public for their forbearance, understanding and support as we went weathered by our challenges during the past year and we thought we should share this good news with them.

We at Air Namibia are very excited and encouraged by our improved operational performance and we are grateful to our shareholder,  travel trade partners and ultimately you the paying customer (passenger) for the continued support.

I encourage the IOCC and all role players to maintain the current OTP momentum and to work towards beating the high standards we have set – to become a best-in-class airline, Mr Gsponer concluded”

Technical Note

OTP is calculated by taking the percentage of flights delayed by more than 15 minutes of the total number of flights performed by an airline in a particular month.  The industry standard is measured on flights that are delayed by 15 minutes or more. Departure delays shorter than 15 minutes are usually made up in flight and the aircraft still arrives at its destination on time.

Air Namibia is proud of the strides it has made to address the challenges we have faced in the past concerning OTP, now our aim is to continue providing the best air transportation.