Mission & Vision Statement

Air Namibia’s mission is to be “A safe, reliable and profitable airline – helping tourism to thrive and encouraging business investment in Namibia“.

  •  Respect: We will treat our stakeholders and their belongings with respect
  •  Safety: No operational urgency or business consideration would ever justify endangering any one’s life.
  •   Efficiency: We will do everything we do right to the best of our ability and with no compromise on standards and customer expectations.
  •  Reliability: We will strive to honor our commitment to our passengers in every aspect of our service delivery.
  •   Excellence: We shall always strive with eagerness to exceed our customer expectations. We will do everything we do right to the best of our ability and with no compromise on standards.
  •   Integrity: Honesty in everything we do is for us a virtue.


World Wide Destination: Namibia

In our continuous mission to bring the world to Namibia and Namibia to the world, our fast growing network of regional and intercontinental destinations speaks for itself with:

  •  Over 36 destinations worldwide
  •  Convenient connections to over 17 European countries through Frankfurt and connects to North America via New York. Regionally we fly to 6 destinations in Africa Domestically we fly to 6 towns within Namibia.

Achievements & Awards

Air Namibia has delivered outstanding results in a variety of different ways over the past few years, and has consequently received a number of prestigious awards. These awards speak volumes about the quality, commitment and dedication of the staff who make Air Namibia your preferred airline, and are listed below as a proud testimony to what we are capable of achieving.

  • Iwanowski Onboard Award for Excellence in Service and Quality and for three years,
  • Feather Awards at Johannesburg Airport as the best Regional Airline of Southern Africa
    • 2004, 2005, 2007, 2011
  • Feather Awards at Johannesburg Airport and Cape Town Airport as the best Regional Airline of Southern Africa
    • 2008, 2010

Our Fleet

In line with its vision statement of being a safe, reliable & profitable airline – providing excellent air transport services, helping tourism to thrive, and encouraging business investments in Namibia, Air Namibia operates a fleet carefully selected to meet expectations of its stakeholders. These expectations include performance dependability and comfort. All aircraft in the fleet are all cabin pressurized, provide immense comfort offered by the generous legroom, modern interiors and trend setting features. These aircraft are subjected to high levels of safety ensured through the meticulous maintenance programmes, and highly trained flight deck and cabin crews.

  • Current Fleet
    • Four Airbus A319-100 aircrafts.
    • Four Embraer ERJ-135 aircrafts
    • Two A330-200 aircrafts

History - Timeline

  • 1946 – Founding of Air Namibia, initially as South West Air Transport, then South West Airways.
  • 1959 – Amalgamation of “South West Air Transport” and “Oryx Aviation” as “Suidwes Lugdiens”.
  • 1966 – “Namib Air” of Walvis Bay becomes a subsidiary of “Suidwes Lugdiens”.
  • 1978 – Name change to “Namib Air.”
  • 1982 – Government acquires majority shareholding, elevating “Air Namibia” to principal airline of SWA / Namibia.
  • 1989 – First direct flights with Boeing 737 200A between Windhoek, Cape Town and Johannesburg.
  • 1990 – Following Namibias Independence Namib Air is renamend Air Namibia. A twice weekly schedule between Frankfurt and Windhoek is launched, initially a Boeing B747SP is used.
  • 1991 – Name change to “Air Namibia”.
  • 1992 – Launch of Windhoek – London schedule.
  • 1994 – Air Namibia has now three schedules a week to destinations Frankfurt and London.
  • 1999 – The Europe schedules are now serviced by a B747-400, in a three class configuration.
  • Aug. 2001 – Frankfurt now enjoys four schedules a week.
  • 2002 – Optimized schedules for connecting flights to Cape Town and Johannesburg.
  • 2004 – As from 31. August 2004 the Frankfurt root is flown by a McDonnell Douglas MD11 in a two class configuration.
  • 2005 – Launch of Windhoek – London Gatwick flights.
    Arrival of the first Airbus aircraft (A340-300).
  • Sept. 2006 – Arrival of second A340-300, full replacement of MD11.
  • Nov.2006 – Launch of the “Third” frequency to Luanda, Angola.