Air Namibia would like to inform all our travel trade partners that an automated process for handling sequential use of coupons and No-shows has been implemented with immediate effect as per this notice date.

This procedure applies to all travel service providers (travel agents, OTAs, tour operators, B2B agents and Air Namibia reservation & ticketing offices/Call Centre/website).

Failure to change/cancel a flight 3 hours before departure and any rebooking made within 3 hours before departure will be considered as a ‘No-Show’.

If a passenger becomes a No-Show, the status of the missed flight segment will be updated to NS (No-Show) and all remaining flights (onward and/or return flights) in the PNR will be cancelled. This is applicable to all SW tickets.

In case one or more passengers in a PNR are No-Show, whereas other passengers within the same PNR have taken the flight, the PNR will be processed based on the booking source as follows:

  •   If the PNR is created within Crane PAX or Crane IBE (SW website), the No-Show passenger(s) will be divided automatically from the original PNR and their remaining segments will be cancelled after the PNR is split.
  •   If the PNR is created through a GDS or a 3rd party CRS, a remark will be inserted in the PNR via OSI and/or SSR OTHS for the GDS or 3rd party CRS users to split the booking accordingly.

    No-Show remarks/information will be shared via OSI and/or SSR OTHS in the PNR.

    In case of No-Show, ticket cannot be used out of sequence. Applicable penalty charges and difference in fares & taxes will be levied to reissue the ticket.