Fares & Reservations  
  For fare information contact Air Namibia sales offices or your travel agent. There are special fares for different seasons with varying conditions. Group fares are also available.

• Ticketing
You may purchase Air Namibia tickets from any of our sales outlets. If your travel plans change, please confirm your reservation. Failure to cancel a confirmed booking will result in automatic cancellation of your entire itinerary. A no-show penalty or rebooking fee may apply.

• Refunds
Ticket refunds may be obtained for some unused coupons of refundable tickets. Submit all refunds request to the agent who issued the ticket. To obtain a refund please ensure that the ticket is refundable. Submit the unused coupon (or PTA) along with your request to the agent. In most cases a penalty or administrative charges will apply.

• Rail & Fly
Rail & Fly is a feeder service offered  by  AIR NAMIBIA  in  conjunction  with the German rail service (Deutsche Bahn AG) which can be purchased in combination with your intercontinental air ticket and facilitates travel between Frankfurt Airport   and   all  destinations  in Germany served by Deutsche Bahn. There is an option of first class or second class travel on DB. Please note that the Rail & Fly option has to be requested on booking of your ticket. This option cannot be added once the ticket has been issued.
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