Special Meals  
  • Oriental Meals
This meat is prepared Chinese or Oriental style. Main course is normally seafood or chicken.

• Raw Vegetable Meal
This meal is purely raw vegetables and salads.

• Diabetic Meal
Diabetic diet applied for the following diseases: diabetic mellitus and glucose intolerance.

• Low Fat Meal
Low Fat diet applied for the following diseases: cholesterol, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, hypercholestremia, hypercholesterolaemia, high triglycerides, fatty liver, increased risk of coronary heart disease or stroke.

• Low Protein Meal
Low Protein diet applied for the following diseases: some type of renal disease and some type of liver disease.

• No Lactose Meal
No Lactose diet applied for the following diseases: lactose intolerance.

• Low Purine Meal
Low Purine diet applied for the following diseases: uric acid kidney stone and gout.

• Vegan Vegetarian Meal
Vegan Vegetarian meal is strict or rigid vegetarians, no food of animal origin is permitted, and also items such as milk, milk products, gelatin or gravy.

• Lacto-ovo Vegetarian Meal
Lacto-ovo Vegetarian meal eats no meat, poultry, fish or shellfish or products derived from them. Eggs, dairy products and plant-derived foods are authorized

• Hindu

Refrain from eating beef, pork and veal.

• Kosher
Meals are cooked under the rabbinical supervision, wrapped and sealed accordingly.

• Moslem
Omit pork, venison and alcohol. The animals are slaughtered according to Halaal rites. The usage of blood and cooking fats of animal origin is not allowed.

• Baby Meal

Baby meals are available for children up to two years of age. These are generally off-the-shelf pasteurized baby food and include strained fruit, vegetables, meat, desserts and juices.

• Child Meal
Child meals are generally from two to six years old.

• Fruit platter Meal
Fresh, cooked or canned whole or cut and dried fruit to provide some variety.

• Seafood Meal
Seafood meal is made of lean fish such as sole, trout, hake, kabeljou or haddock to name a few.
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