Our Frequent Flyer Program

Welcome to Air Namibia’s Frequent Flyer Programme called “Reward$”. Joining, becoming and remaining a member of our Reward$ Programme enables you to earn valuable miles generously from all your future travels with Air Namibia: From domestic, regional to our international flights, you can earn award miles on virtually every flight operated by Air Namibia.

These valuable miles can be redeemed and exchanged for free tickets, discounts on future ticket purchases, and can also be used to upgrade from economy to premium and business class cabins. In addition, accumulated miles can be used to pay for excess baggage.

Miles are transferable between members, and can also be used to purchase a ticket for another person other than the member. Joining and becoming a member is absolutely free, PLUS you get up to 500 free complimentary miles upon successfully subscribing to become a member.

Air Namibia Reward$

You can register here or onboard or at any Air Namibia Ticketing office. You will receive a membership pack including your permanent card 2-3 weeks after your first flight on any Air Namibia flight after registration. To be able to register for Reward$ a member should be 12 years of age.

Activation Rules
A membership account will automatically be activated after the first activity/flight after registration and the transaction is successfully processed and miles are allocated to the member’s account. Once the account is activated a membership pack will be generated and communicated via normal postage (traditional mail) to the member. The membership pack will include items as specified within the Member Communication Section.

Enrolment Bonus
Enrolment Bonus is 500 miles. Enrolment bonuses are allocated to the member’s account on first activity after registration.

Electronic Bonus
An Electronic Bonus of 300 will be allocated to the member on first activity if the member has registered online and selected his communication preference to be e-mail.

Miles Expiry
Miles are valid for five (5) years after the year in which they were earned. Miles due to expire will be communicated to the member in advance via the monthly Newsletter. Awards can be requested before miles expire and can be used anytime within 12 months from the date of issue. However, if they are not used within this period they will be forfeited. Miles will expire at the end of each year on 31 Dec (E.g. miles accumulated in 2009 will expire on 31 December 2014, etc.)

Missing Miles
If your Miles are not credited for any reason, they can be promptly credited provided the relevant documentation is submitted timeously. It is essential to keep all the relevant documentation including original boarding passes, copies of airline tickets and copies of e-ticket receipts. Members can also claim missing miles online by entering the e-ticket number without the airline code “186”, or contact our Call Center for assistance.

Spending Miles
Visit and for more information. If you do not have enough miles for a free ticket you can purchase miles in batches of 1000 miles at N$220 – this is only applicable if you have 50% or more of the value of the Award ticket available. Award tickets are valid for 12 months from the date of issue; and are processed and issued after payment of Airport taxes is received.

Corporate Clients
Air Namibia has also introduced the Corporate Client component to the Reward$ Programme. Corporate Management enables the companies to accumulate miles through its employees, consultants, etc. Members can accumulate miles in both corporate as well as personal accounts, depending on directives from the Corporate.

For more information on the Corporate Client enrollment, please contact our Call Centre at Tel: +264 61 299 6333 [email protected]

Very Important Note:
Members need to fly once after registration in order to activate their accounts before miles can be used to redeem tickets, request for an upgrade or transfer miles from his account to another member’s account.  The more you fly the quicker you could get to the next tier level, which of course allows you many more benefits. Tiering is only based on the actual flights and not by bonuses. Tiers are valid for 2 years, after which a Year-End Tiering will be done automatically in the system on 31 December.