Air Namibia - Airbus - Loading

Ground Handling.

Customer support is available at all times while Customs support is available seven days a week at approved airport hours.

Loading/Unloading Equipment

Hosea Kutako International Airport:

Main Decker Loader (1x) capacity 20 tons; FMC Lower Decker Loader 2x capacity 7 tons; Transporters (2x) capacity 6 tons; Forklifts (1x) capacity 4 tons; Conveyer belts (2x) 450 kg. on total length of belt; Wide body steps (3x) and 1 PAU unit.

Eros Airport: 

Hand labour only

Walvisbay Airport: 

Hand labour only; Forklift 3 tons; Narrow body steps.


The following are available for storage at Hosea Kutako International Airport: 

  •  Cold storage
  •  Strong room
  •  Live Animal storage,
  •  Human remain Refrigerated Container,
  •  Dangerous Goods Centre
  •  Radio Active Centre
  •  Mail Centre
  •  Valuable Goods safe

Products & Services.

  •  bulk cargo
  •  express cargo
  •  mailing
  •  dangerous good
  •  human remains
  •  special services e.g. live animals, etc.