Air Namibia - ERJ Tails

Sealed transparent bag

Passengers flying to any international destinations out of Namibia will be required to place essential liquids to be carried on board in a re-sealable clear plastic bag with a capacity of not more than one litre. Each item containing liquid cannot exceed 100ml in quantity and must fit comfortably inside of the sealed bag. When proceeding through airport security checkpoints, the bag must be separated from any other cabin baggage. Exempted are liquids required for medical purposes including baby food.

Duty free purchases

Any duty free liquid, gel or aerosol products purchased after security checkpoints should be placed in special security bags by the store and customers connecting to further destinations are advised to keep these sealed throughout their journey.

If these limitations are not adhered to, items will be confiscated by airport security and airlines will unfortunately not be in a position to recover these for customers.


Travellers are urged to prepare for the new rules in the pre travel stage of their trip and allow extra time at check-in and security check points arriving at least two hours before the flight departure.

Baggage at Check-in

When you check-in, you may be asked some questions about your baggage:

  •  Did you pack your own bags?
  •  Are you aware of all the contents of your baggage?
  •  Has your baggage been left unattended or out of your sight since you packed it?

We recommend you take anything you may need on the flight with you, including medication and keys. All medication should have a professional pharmaceutical label on the container if you are transporting medication in your carry-on luggage. If you require a medical syringe, you must have the needle guard intact.

All checked baggage must have your name, address and telephone number on the outside of the bag. You are strongly encouraged to put your name and address on the inside of the bag as well should the outside tag be separated from the bag. Air Namibia may refuse baggage at check-in unless it is labelled.


You can now track lost baggage online if you have a file reference number. Click here to track your baggage.  We will replace damaged bags as soon as possible after you have reported them. Air Namibia’ liability could be reduced if baggage was presented for check-in unsuitably packed or after the recommended check-in time.

If your baggage has been delayed arrangements will be made to have it delivered to your local address when it arrives. Please note that this service is not available in some countries due to local government restrictions.

Additionally in the event that your baggage has been delayed please download and fill out the forms below: