Live Animal Carriage & Charges

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Transporting your pet can be a stressful experience for both you and your beloved pet.
 Air Namibia is committed to providing caring, comfortable, stress-free service for both of you.
SW AVI (Live Animals) One-way Flat Rates - All inclusive
Passenger with ticket Passenger with ticket Passenger with ticket
Weight Within Namibia WDH-FRA FRA-WDH
0-10kg NAD 725 NAD 2000 EUR 125
10-20kg NAD 925 NAD 2750 EUR 175
20-32kg NAD 1400 NAD 3000 EUR 200

PLEASE Note:  

Live animal(s) plus container(s) weighing more than 32kg must be transported as cargo.

Charges for Live Animals (AVI) – Passenger(s) with Ticket:
4.1 These rates include the animal and container (one-way only).
4.2 The maximum prescribed weight is 32kg (70lb) per live animal and container (kennel).
4.3 No pets (PETC) are permitted in the cabin, except one dog per blind or deaf passenger is free.
4.4 Accompanied pets and containers shall not be included in the free baggage allowance and the above live animal rates apply.
4.5 Only live animal(s) and container(s) with a maximum weight of 32kg (70lb) or less will be accepted at check-in. AVI exceeding 32kg (70lb) must be handled as cargo.
Flights between Namibia and other African Countries
4.6 All animals (Pets) and animal products are not allowed via the security check point and must be transported as manifested cargo under Air Waybill, also in case of transit if trans-shipment is involved. Contact our Cargo department for prices.